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Data smart asset solutions - Digital twin

The digital twin is a virtual image of an asset, maintained throughout the lifecycle and easily accessible at any time. One platform brings all the experts together, providing powerful analyses, insight and diagnostics that are crucial for decision-makers.


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Digital twin - the future of engineering

The digital twin integrates data from many different software products. Data smart asset solutions are a key to reducing operational costs. The digital twin is a concept that will enhance information management and collaboration, where the experts can work together, preventing costly mistakes and rework.

How the digital twin will bring experts together

  • Cloud-based platform where all data and analyses are available at any times
  • Updated throughout the lifecycle with real-time information
  • Collaboration platform that prevents working in silos
  • Early insight into potential conflicts enhances efficiency

Beyond silos with data smart solutions

Industrial assets are designed, built and operated by engineers who rely on many different data sources and various models. They work with enormous amounts of data. Specialized teams create models separately, conducting analyses for their specific tasks. This way of working means that the most current information and calculations may not be readily available for crucial decisions, because the teams operate in silos. It drives cost and inefficiencies, creates uncertainties and represents a vast amount of time and resources. Getting beyond these challenges means rethinking the way that projects are run. With DNV GL’s digital twin, all phases of the lifecycle are supported with integrated data and models.

The digital twin brings together

Your engineers will work cost-effectively on a collaboration platform that gives early insight into potential conflicts, resulting in fewer errors and less rework. Sensor data, remote monitoring and analytics made possible by the digital twin enable more profitable, safe and sustainable operations.