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Lifting appliances and deck equipment

Lifting Applicances Deck Equipment

Ship owners and manufacturers all over the world rely on DNV GL’s expertise in the field of cranes and lifting.

Ship, port and offshore operations involving cranes, lifting appliances and elevators need to be safe to avoid threats to life, cargo and assets.

DNV GL offers outstanding know-how in this field. Depending on the intended use (ships, port, mobile offshore units/installations) and requirements (customers, flag and port authorities), our services encompass DNV GL rules as well as other regulations and standards.

Appliances and equipment covered by us:

  • New and in-service cranes
  • Lifting appliances
  • Launching appliances for life-saving davits
  • Anchoring equipment (anchors, anchor chains, chain attachments, chain-stoppers and anchor winches)
  • Winches and brakes
  • Loose gear such as rings, shackles, slings, chains, lifting beams, spreaders, skids, grabs, etc.
  • Personnel lifts and elevators

We provide:

  • Design approval and type approval according to DNV GL rules
  • Certification of anchoring equipment according to our rules
  • MED certification of launching appliances for life-saving davits
  • Certification based on international standards: ISO 3730 (Mooring Winches), ISO 7365 (Towing Winches), ISO 5488 (Accommodation Ladders), ISO 799 (Pilot Ladders), NS 2584 (Bollards), SMD regulation No. 695 (Shark Jaws) and others
  • Certification of personnel lifts and elevators according to DNV GL rules based on EN 81
  • Conformity assessment for flag or port states
  • Inspection and testing
  • Technical support, e.g. dynamic de-rating, damage evaluation, analysis of incidents, fit-for-purpose and conditioning assessments, verification of rebuilding and capacity increase

Your needs are at the heart of our services: You gain individual certification solutions perfectly matched to the intended use and requirements of your equipment.

DNV GL certification assures:

  • A seal of quality for your products
  • The trust and confidence of your customers
  • Easier access to the market
  • Less work and lower costs per product due to type approved designs
  • Expert support whenever you need it


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