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Risk Management

Manage your organization’s risks effectively in a world of uncertainties.


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Effective Risk Management enables you to perform well in an environment of uncertainty and helps build sustainable business performance over time. A structured approach ensures that you are proactive rather than reactive in your efforts to protect your key assets.

Why should you improve Risk Management?

Operating a business with a management system that leverages on a structured and robust Risk Management framework will enable your organization to:

  • Increase the likelihood of achieving its objectives.
  • Improve the identification of opportunities and threats.
  • Comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and international standards.
  • Improve controls and governance.
  • Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Improve loss prevention, incident management and minimize losses.
  • Improve stakeholder confidence and trust.

How can we help you?

Our service portfolio is based on ISO 31000:2009, the most common standard for Risk Management. We help you understand the core principles of Risk Management, assess your maturity and gaps, and integrate Risk Management into your management system.


Get to know the basics of Risk Management and how other companies integrate Risk-Based Thinking in their organization through our ViewPoint and Espresso surveys. You can explore these free resources at the bottom of this page.


If you want to further improve how you work with Risk Management, we offer our Awareness services. These make sure that the importance of Risk Management is understood throughout the organization, encompassing main methodologies, processes and techniques. The services include:

  • E-learning module on Risk-Based Thinking and Risk Management.
  • ISO 31000 foundation course.
  • Self-assessment check list.


Only a minority of companies use established methods in their Risk Management approach. If you want to excel and become one of the frontrunners in your industry, we offer tailored implementation services assessing your organization’s maturity, gaps and areas of improvement.

For organizations that are already familiar with Risk Management, and want to become leading, we offer services tailored more towards implementation of Risk Management. These services are aimed at assessing the maturity of the Risk Management frame and processes into your organisation, strengths and main areas of improvement. The services include:

  • Gap analysis/scored assessment of your Risk Management frame.
  • Workshop at your premises where you together with our Risk Management experts identify actions and process improvements based on the initial assessment.