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Welding of military products

Welding Of Military Products

Expand your business to include the welding of military products – by gaining certification to DIN 2303.

The military has special requirements for naval ships, submarines and other vehicles requiring welded products. If you aim to include military products, you should opt for manufacturer qualification according to DIN 2303.

DNV GL qualifies manufacturers for the general (Q1) and special (Q2) requirements of DIN 2303, and we cover all components of the classes BK 1 to BK 4 of this standard.

The certification process includes:

  • Employee qualifications (welding supervisors, NDT inspectors, welders and operators)
  • Welding equipment, material traceability and welding consumables
  • Welding quality
  • Adherence to the welding procedure specifications or instructions
  • Availability of welding procedure tests (e.g. for marine structures according to BV 1050, DNV GL Rules)

To make your certification as smooth as possible, DNV GL also provides the opportunity to combine welding approvals, e.g. for your welders and operators, welding procedures, ISO 3834, pressure equipment, materials or ISO 9001 certification in one package.

As a DNV GL customer you benefit from:

  • Expansion of your business to include military products
  • Trustworthy certification in the eyes of your customers
  • Cost-savings due to the combination of different welding approvals
  • Support from our dedicated experts whenever needed


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